Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sew Sweet Quilters 1st Quilt Show THIS WEEKEND

Living in a small town is great! I highly recommend the slower pace & the ability to actually love and care about your neighbors to anyone looking for a simpler life. The other great thing about life in my small town is that there is a rich history. This is an area of hard working rural people. This shows in the culture in many ways.

It shows in the work of the men & women who have passed. To a crafter, it shows in the work of the women whose textile work out of necessity is also beautiful. Quilts here have been made to be used, to keep the family warm and dry. So it is a blessing that so many of the antique quilts from this area have survived that test of time and will be on display at our local quilt show this weekend.

Of course, we will also have judged competition of new quilts in several categories. We hope this event grows each year and that we can continue to give back to the community that has richly blessed us!

I will post pictures next week of the awesome displays! I hope that if you are in the area, you will make it a stop on your vacation!

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RagamuffinQuilts said...

Best wishes for your 1st quilt show this weekend. Your story of small town living was a pleasure to read in these times of fast-paced life.