Sunday, October 5, 2008

Etsy Artist Feature ~ Ashlawnfarms

This week's featured artist is another fiber artist. Ashlawnfarms is a very talented artist, a humble woman, and all around great gal!

What is the story behind your etsy store name and how does it relate to what you sell?

Ashlawnfarms (one word) is the dairy farm in central Indiana that I grew up on. We had over 150 head of Jersey cattle and milked an average of 60 cows. One summer we had over 100 cows milking at once and it took forever to milk them. I was very active in 4-H and showing the cows at local, state, and national shows. The herd was dispersed in Dec of 1988 during my freshman year of college. I chose my Etsy store name due to my past. It gives me fond memories of a fun childhood that I miss every once in a while. It also lets visitors of my shop know that I am a country girl and proud of it-although I am a city dweller now. I like the farm feeling it gives too-I am a hard worker and farmers have to be hard working and responsible to make a living. So you can say it is in my blood to be a hard worker....quilter now!

Of the items you create, do you have a favorite? For example, medium, color, item, customer?

I create quilts. Traditional quilts and rag quilts are my specialty. I guess a favorite would be the lone star quilt my grandma and I made 15 years ago.
I really love homespuns too, but am starting to favor Moda lines more and more.

How did you learn your craft?

I learned sewing and quilting from Grandma Walters. I made the tops and she quilted them all. We attended many estate sales acquiring fabric stashes here and there. I still have some of the stash, but have been using it up recently. Grandma suffered from a stroke in 1997 that took her right side. She spent the next 7 years in a nursing home before she passed in Jan 2004. During that time I could not sew anything. I pretty much kept busy with my athletic training education and career. In 2006 I started itching to sew again, but was worried about the quilting part. I stumbled across rag quilting which was an answer to my prayers. I have met many online quilters as well in various groups and learned so much from them as well as made some very good friends. They all really helped me to evolve-though I am still learning all the time! I have made hundreds of rag quilt items as well as designed a rag purse pattern series that I sell online. It was meant to be I believe! I will be trying more quilting this winter. Grandma always only quilted in the winter months because she was too busy in the garden during the summer to quilt-plus it was too hot to quilt she always said!

Do you belong to etsy teams?

I do belong to Etsy teams: Quiltsy and the INCrowd which is all Indiana sellers.

Do you have a favorite etsy seller?

I have not bought anything on Etsy yet-shame on me, but I plan to. I have my eye on seller RaspberryJune though! She sells the lines of fabrics that make my mouth water! (FNQ note...I have bought from RaspberryJune! She's awesome!)

Anything else to share?

I sell my patterns on this website: . I can also custom make any rag quilt creation you need!


Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

Well, you are so sweet and generous FNQ! This is such a great idea and very well appreciated. Thanks so much for thinking about me. Looking forward to the next featured sellers on etsy!

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Congrats, Ashlawnfarms! A well deserved feature for sure.

It was great to read all about you and how you got started.

Adrianne said...
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Raspberry June said...

Thanks for the compliments from both of you, it's very much appreciated! I love learning about fellow etsians too - great idea =)

For Quilts Sake said...

Great feature! I love the rag quilts.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Somehow I missed this! Great feature! Congrats Ashlawnfarms!