Friday, November 7, 2008

Fiber Friday~Train Wrecks

Ever follow a train of thought, regardless of the impending train wreck?

I have been looking around the scrap stash this week and wondering how would I ever get all my scraps used in this short life!? Since the pile has grown exponentially this year, I have vowed to not cut anything from the bolt for the rest of the year for personal use (did you hear a giggle? I swear I heard some faint laughter).

That led me to think of glorious quilts in intricate patterns and some simpler patterns that I could whip up in a jiffy. This led me to think about my neighbor. He is a great quilter; his points always meet! This is a ! because he cuts all his quilt pieces with a pair of old scissors and usually freehand. (I need to go take pics of his great work for a future post.) I have to think that woe-is-me if I HAD to do it that way. A quilter, I would NOT be. Then thoughts turned to a generation or 2 before my 70+ year old neighbor and how those ladies of the old west were joining up scraps of clothes, while at the same time, the elite sewing clubs of the Northeast were sewing those beautiful Victorian Era crazy quilts in velvet and lace.

(see what I mean about a train wreck waiting in the wings?)

but, then, shaking my head free of that train of thought, I looked back to the table, and I was at once intimidated by the volume, much like I was the first time I stepped into Hancock's of Paducah or a 31 flavors when I was a kid. I have already organized the scraps into color families to help me only have to take out one bin at a time. So I decided, or I think I decided, that maybe smaller projects would get me rolling. I have a table runner just about finished and now stare into the pile again. But as I stare into the pile, my eyes glaze over & the train pulls out of the station again...


love2ragquilt said...

I think all of us quilters have that problem. I just donated a huge bag of my scraps to our guild's community service group. They make around 300 quilts a year to give away to those who need them. Keep us posted and I would love to see those pictures of your neighbor's quilts because I have problems with my points too.

FabricsNQuilts said...

WOW! 300 quilts! That must be a large group! It will make my neighbor's day to go take pics. I will get to that very soon!