Friday, December 12, 2008

Fiber Friday~Homage to Handmade

What does that mean, a homage to handmade?
To me it means that the arts and crafts that provided our forefathers (& mothers) with livlihood, comfort, solice continue to do so. Somewhere along the way, Arts & Crafts changed from a classic style rich in heritage, quality and workmanship to an activity involving children, macaroni & paste. I, of course, think of Arts & Crafts in terms of the "movement", and all that mindset entailed. The American Craftsman style, for me is embodied in the works of Frank Lloyd Wright & Gustav Stickley.
Check out this article by PamelaQuilts . It was my inspiration for today. I agree with all her points, and as she said, could think of more, but I really think it applies to all forms of artistic craftwork.

So in this my public show of respect to handmade, I am going to show off some of my favorite etsians, fiber & other media as well.

This hand quilted bed quilt by OriginalsbyLauren shows her proficiency with piecing, color temperature and handquilting. Given the hundreds of hours invested by the artist in this quilt it is an heirloom for its new owner's family for certain!

Not all craft has to be serious either. Art is fun, let's face it! QuiltingCafe knows this and it shows in her work! Look at this postcard. What a wonderful surprise to find this treasure in the mailbox. And think of all the folks that handle the postcard along its journey who get to see her too!

Switching gears a little, where would the world be without metalsmiths? TimothyAdamDesigns has a wonderful series of metalwork depicting vintage cameras..using rivets! This necklace is my favorite in that series. He has the most awesome furniture too!

Who doesn't need a flutterbutt? Come on! These creations get my "cutest creatures on Etsy" designation. Created by Raisinlike, these puppets make me smile EVERY TIME I see them! And just saying "Sunny Flutterbutt" if fun!

Here's another lost art...writing. I mean really writing. Taking pen in hand and putting thoughts on paper in legible handwriting. I admit, I have a problem with the last part. I have been told I have the "handwriting of a serial killer," which doesn't sound very nice, but I know it's a movie quote, so I let it go. So maybe we need some motivation! PaperParaphernalia has several blank journals available in her store, but I love this one best. Think of how many folks in your life you need to give a top 10 List of Love to!

Now, I have a personal tidbit to tell you. I have skinny wrists (risque, I know); I have a bracelet I received in 3rd grade that still fits, sad, but true (if only my backside would have retained its high school shape so well). Well, anyway, I digress. My friend, RagaMuffinQuilts crocheted me the coolest set of wrist warmers, just like these. I have to tell you that I wash them all the time because I wear them everyday. They are so versatile. I can double them over so they are not in my way when typing, loop them over my thumb for trips outside with my pooch, or not loop them over the thumb. I can say they are the coolest gift I got all year.

Now, since I brought up jewelry, I have to say that frillz is a total fave! She describes her pieces as art to wear & I agree. I also love her obvious sense of humor. Check out white trash!

I could go on & on and show off everyone in my favorites list, but that isn't the point. Focus on the quality, the art and the history. I fear that the next generation of i-pod wearing, xbox playing youngsters just won't get it. But of course, we are just the newest generation to feel that way, now aren't we. Imagine how the pioneers thought at the sight of the first auto!


Alorinna said...

Fun collection!

Carly said...

I love that little flutterbutt, so cute.
I also have small wrists, I probably should get those wrist warmers also.

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Oh thank you so much, FnQ, for such kind words. I am so thrilled that you like your warmers and are getting some great use out of them.

I love the selection of items you included today. Very talented craftsmen indeed!