Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Snow Day...what a week!

Well, yesterday was another closed snow/sew day & here is why: (Yes, I live in Tennessee)

I have shoveled off the parking area this morning in hopes that today's sun will melt off enough so I can open the store this afternoon. Traffic sounds good outside, but I dont want to take any chances on anyone slipping.

I spent a good bit of the day yesterday pressing & trimming pieces for my new black & white quilt. I also added 2 purses to my Etsy store. Any NBA fans out there?

Then I went through my Etsy notions listings & started listing things that I have in stock, that are not yet in the Etsy store. There is MUCH work to be done there, so keep checking back and convo me if you need anything you just can't seem to find!

I am working on my online portfolio today to update it with all my recent projects. Happy Stitchin'!


sewmeow said...

Snow! Snow! Now I see why I retired to San Antonio......warm today at a nice 68. NBA fans you ask.....mmmh! GO SPURS!

I'm going to consider an Etsy store too, so will definitely go look at yours, Shannon.

Hope you get some warm sunshine soon.

sewmeow said...

Shannon...when I clicked on the Etsy link in your post it took me to a Nebraska site...better check it, or am I doing something wrong??

FabricsNQuilts said...

thanks for letting me know! must have forgot the etsy in the url :)