Friday, January 30, 2009

Fiber Friday~Destashing

The dictionary according to ME

Destashing (v) finding a way to part with the goodies you have collected for your particular craft

So, for me, it is of course, fabric.

I have much fabric that has been given to me. Those that know I quilt, just bring me boxes of abric for me to use. I can't say "no thanks", that's just not polite, when someone has shown such thought for me to drive goodies TO me.

However, much of what is brought to me is not cotton. AND, since it is just not in my will or nature to throw away a perfectly usable 'anything', I have boxes of polyester and blended fabric in my stash. I have tried to pass it along to someone else who could put it to use by sale or by gifting, but, alas, no luck. (I am begging for ideas-up to this point, my only idea is charity quilts.)

The rest of my fabric I just want to USE. I know it will take forever, but I have been very quilting motivated the past several months. I have my day broken into different sections of quiltmaking. During the day, at work, I can cut all my pieces, trim and press pieced components, and plan projects. In the early evening (until dinner) I can sit & sew at the machine. In late evening, as I relax in front of the TV, I like to do handwork. On my day off, I machine sew all day, if I choose to.

My DH is very giving in regards to the look of my studio. He knows it gives me joy to have the outlet of quilting, and, it does have a door :)

So, how do you control, organize, stash & when needed, destash?

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