Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sewing Saturday & Sunday~Finishing & Organizing

Check out this great website & video on how to fold your fabric so you can find it in your stash! It is a great tip making a simple thing, even simpler!

You will also find other great links on that site to free patterns (another fave of mine) I collect em like great quotes, do you?

Sunday WILL see a completion to a twin flannel rag quilt in the trip around the world pattern. This will be a warm & colorful quilt.

Once that one is complete, I am going to quilt a few blocks on this (tossed aside of late) layer cake quilt. I really want to get this one finished too, as I really like the Civil War Collection's tones for this season.

I may not get more done than that, given the football game, but if I do, it will be working on the layout of the black & white quilt.

Today...ah, yes, today is a day of cutting more 3" plaid squares.

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FabricsNQuilts said...

My update!
I did get the rag quilt all together, but just couldn't get it all clipped. So, Sunday did NOT (vs. the WILL in my post) see the completion of that project. However, I did get my worktable cleared & cleaned off and have the layer cake quilt all set up for quilting tonight.

I also got to start laying out the black & white quilt and even did a little more piecing on those stars.

All the 3" squares are cut (for now). Piecing won't start until I get a little further along with the other UFO's already mentioned.