Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Charity Block Swap~Easy 9 Patch

I have been inspired by one of my online quilting buds this week. So as to not "call her out", I will tell you how she inspired me. She has been teaching her daughter how to quilt and her daughter decided, after having a few quilts under her belt, that she wanted to participate in Soldiers Angels. My friend, asked our online group if we could send some blocks to help out. Her goal was to make TWO rag quilts AND TWO traditional quilts.

That was inspiring in itself.

Then she posted a few days later about a quilt she was finishing for her husband. Once done, she let us take a look. It was a gorgeous pieced Red, White & Blue quilt. So, I was inspired again...

Yesterday morning I sat staring into the semi-organized room I call my studio (or my Rooum (like Inspector Clouseau)) and got to thinking of yet another project I could start. I remembered that I had found several 9 patch blocks last week when I did a round of organizing in the studio. The idea of a swap came into my mind, but I couldn't wrap my hands around the total plan.

Then I remember the quilt she made for her husband...and it all made sense!

I would like to make a quilt to donate to my local American Legion. My local Legion is in the process of building a facility in our small town. I believe that the newly returned & vets of older conflicts need a place to go, socialize, and find the kind of empathy only those who have seen the ravages of war can provide. I want to help and this is my way.

Here's what I propose...

I will either (you include a note with your blocks to tell me which you choose):

**Send you a fat quarter of quilt shop quality fabric for each three 6.5" (so that they will finish to 6" for me) 9 patch blocks


**I will do a one for one swap (each block you send me, I will send you one back) 6.5" 9 patch blocks.

Blocks must be white muslin or white tone on tone fabric in the X of the nine patch and EITHER red or blue as shown in this diagram. The red & blue can be any quilt shop quality prewashed (I would hate for the reds to run on us) cotton fabric, print or solid.

You can sign your block with permanent ink, if you so choose. I will provide a list of contributors when I present them with the quilt. If you wish to remain anonymous, just let me know.

*The blocks you receive back will be in various colors and prints (unlike what you will send me). *The blocks will be 100% cotton quilt shop quality fabrics. If you are planning a project and have a special request for colors, I will gladly take that into account as I sew up your blocks.

You can find my address here to mail your blocks. You do not need to include return postage.

In advance, I would like to express my thanks for considering my request and helping me fulfill my wish. I would like to get started on the quilt in March if possible, so will set that as a timeline. If all goes well, we'll do this again!


Karen said...

Great idea. I'm organizing my stash now so can easily pick out some reds and blues.

Missy said...

Hey I will send you a block or 2. You don't need to send any back. It will give me something to do. So you want the finished size to be 6" traditional quilt block?


FabricsNQuilts said...

Thanks Karen & Missy!

To make a 6.5" block (which will finish to 6" when I sew it into the quilt top),use 2.5" squares, sewn with scant 1/4" seams for your 9 patch. THANKS again!

kimbuktu said...

Sounds like Fun FnQ. I welcome the chance to reduce my stash. Nice idea for the Vets.

Lynn S. said...

Good idea! I'll be glad to send you a block or two. You don't need to send any back; I'm always glad to "repay a favor".

love2ragquilt said...

Mine are in the mail. You don't need to send me anything back. I am glad to help.

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Count me in!

Rachel Locke said...

i thought I hadleft a message sying I would send in a few. But I can't find it. I'll be mailing mine early next week.

FabricsNQuilts said...

Thank you all for your generosity!

The design wall is now empty and calling me to put something new up, so I will start playing with those already received very soon. I sorted through one of my bins Saturday & have some strips all ready for piecing some 9 patches up this week too. More updates to follow soon!