Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Piecing & Quilting away!

Not much to show & tell this week, unless we get another snow day, which is highly unlikely. I am playing with the plaids today. At night I have been handquilting the sampler. That is just about all that is going on with me this week. just one project or another...

In other news, my local guild has announced some of the details for our June quilt show.
Check it out here: www.sewsweetquilters.com


love2ragquilt said...

How many are in your group? It looks small and such a great quilt show. Will you be entering any of your masterpieces?

FabricsNQuilts said...

Our group is very small. 15-20 at the max. There are MANY quilters in our county, but since the group meets during the day, I think that our membership is not representative of the community. Most of the quilts displayed in the santuary last year were (not judged) antique quilts. It is a big event for the small number of members to put on. We owe a huge thanks to our husbands, for certain!