Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Mulch! I bet you can get some too!

Do you ever see those tree trimming trucks in your neighborhood? They usually are contracted by the electric companies to remove those limbs that could cause a power outage if they were to fall. Usually this set up includes a mobile chipper.
Usually these guys fill up the chipper before they finish the day & need a place to offload. In our area, they are thankful to have someone offer to take it. We popped into our local Energy Co-Op and put in our request a couple weeks ago.

I woke up with this pile on Wednesday morning (I left a few markers like the mailbox across the street & the cinder blocks on the right so you can really get a feel for how HUGE this pile is).

We did this a couple years ago and had great success with it. Since all the wood is green, you have to let it sit and compost for the summer, but by fall, I will be spreading new, FREE mulch.


Grandma Barbara said...

Neat idea!!

Bebesboutique said...

We always had them blow the stuff into a pile here on the farm from all the trees they trimmed on the place. We used to get a truck load dumped every year and used the chips as bedding for the goats in the dairy. Much cleaner than straw and lasted much longer and was very good compost after a winter and all the manure the goats added.

quiltsbylee said...

Way to recycle.... We get free compost from the city when we take limbs out to the compost yard. Check with your city or town to see if they have a compost site. We started our own compost pile but it is slow going and we use alot with so many flower beds.

FabricsNQuilts said...

Oh yes, we have a compost pile & a tumbler! The tumbler is great for winter composting.

Karen said...

That's great! And they bring it right to your door. We have something like that, but you have to go pick it up.