Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Projects~Apron Bonanza!

I am enchanted with aprons. Full, half, lacy, clunky, useful, or just pretty....I'm enchanted.
Of course, enchantment for the creative soul leads to inspiration!

I love the rounded shape of the vintage aprons...kinda I Love Lucy-esq. So, my creations have so far played to that affection.

But, I also needed a craft show apron & came up with this design to hold all my necessary supplies. I loved it and thought it might meet the needs of someone else too.

These 2 aprons are reversible.

The mod flowers (tan & white) is the same on both sides.

The blue floral is different on each side.

I am listing these in my Etsy store. Check 'em out!


kimbuktu said...

Very nice selection of aprons.

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Very nice! Love the idea of reversible too. The craft apron is a great idea! Easy to keep your needed items on hand while helping customers. Great job!

love2ragquilt said...

I like them all. Who is the model?

Karen said...

Love the aprons!