Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Tips~How to cut a FQ

Oh it has been too long since we did Tuesday Tips!
I think I will start with a few easy tips for the beginner to get this weekly tradition restarted.
How to cut a fat quarter.
First, a quick definition. A quarter yard is 9" cut across the width of the fabric (selvedge to selvedge), usually 44/45". A fat quarter is 18" x 22"

To cut a fat quarter, first cut 1/2 yard , 18", across the width of fabric
Points to ponder:
  • Be sure to align the selvedge edges to even. This may require pressing new fold in the center.
  • Believe me, not all bolts of fabric are folded in the dead center. Be sure to keep your fabric grain straight.
  • place the fold of the fabric so that it is straight on the cutting mat. In this pic, the fold is on the bottom grid line.
When you have a nice "squared" half yard, slide your scissors into the fold & cut along the fold.

Let's review...
  • A fat quarter is 18" x 22".
  • cut a half yard...18"x 44"
  • cut the half yard in half on the fold into 2 halves of 18" x 22" each.

You now have 2 pretty Fat Quarters ready to swap, give, or use in your favorite pattern!


Grandma Barbara said...

Great tip!! Thanks for pointing out that fabric often needs to be refolded. You can get in big trouble if you skip that step!! I speak from experience. lol

quiltsbylee said...

Me too Barbara. In fact it was shannon that set me straight a long while back on what a fat quarter is. That was back when I was still a "fabric vigin"...lol Ok, before I really got into quilting anyway, I have always collected fabric.

TexasRed said...

Great tip! Thank you! I'm used to working with bigger pieces and remnants. Good to know how to create my own fat quarters.

sewmeow said...

Great instructions for everyone!