Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another great weekend coming to a close

First, God Bless our miliary! I owe a debt I can never pay to those who are and have served our country to protect our freedom.

Imagine the life you would have, without those that have sacrificed on your behalf. Immediatly you think of those people you know, right? Your parents, spouse, children. You would gladly sacrifice anything for them as well. Now imagine the willingness to make the same sacrifice for someone you never met, or even knew existed. This is what the military does for us. Everyday. Without fail. God Bless you and those whose lives you touch. You touch mine.

Living in a rural area, our big 4th of July past time starts around 6pm. It is the annual demolition derby & fireworks show. Many of you may remember the demolition derby from Happy's about the same thing, but louder. It is the epidome of a wholesome, country good time. I saw infants and the elderly and every age in between.

The grandstand was full and so were the bleachers they lined the arena with for the event opposite the grandstand. The derby takes place in the horse arena, about the size of a 1/4 mile running track. They run in the mud, so that decreases the speed at which they can gather up to slam into each other. You can get pretty close to the derby in action, standing around the fence. I would say 30 feet or so to the action, within mud slinging/tire spinning distance. Definitely standing room only.

They have so many entrants that they run heats. If you car will start and you can drive it out of the arena at the end of the heat, you can live to ride again. The final round is around 7 or 8 cars. They run in 2 "classes" v-8's and 4 cylinders. Obviously the V-8's are the fun ones to watch. The drivers get sponsors, which they spray paint the name & phone number of the sponsor on the nascar, but with spray paint. They also usually put up a car name or funny, like Grim Reaper, or HIT ME.

If you have never been to a demolition derby, seek one out. The kids love 'em. I remember going to one as a kid...maybe 10 years old. How fun to see people actually TRYING to hit each other.

The fireworks was pretty good, but there were several misfires that "boomed" about 5 feet above the ground over the unfired cartridges. I was actually pretty shocked we didn't have a fire or loss of life, or spontaneous combustion. Good thing was that 1/2 the county's fire & rescue squads were already on location.

It started to rain after the V-8 finals (which was right after the fireworks) so we didn't hang around for the last round. It was fun, a great way to end the day.

And to think, we owe it to a soldier!

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