Monday, July 6, 2009

Blog Surfing Monday

I have been surfing all morning, finding all kinds of great new blogs that are must reads!

Check out all the free patterns on the DIY Bag Lover . I found this blog from Up the Rainbow Creek who has been published there. If you have ever wanted a great rag quilt purse pattern, check her's out! It's great & IT'S FREE!

My bud over at SewFunQuilts is having a MONDO giveaway this month. Be sure you pop over there and enter!

Then, I found a great post by Diane at BeeSquareFabrics (so sorry to see her closing) who is giving a postmortem, as she calls it, to her time as a fabric retailer. Today's post is about Fall Quilt Market. In that post is a link up to True Up and an article they did on one of Diane's appointments at Market. Very insightful!

I also found a new online quilt club by Charming Chatter that sounds like a great amount of fun and motivation for finishing UFO's.
I don't keep many UFO's as they make me lose sleep...not sure the name of that mental disorder, but I like to finish & the need/want to start the next project is the reward for finishing, for me.
But check out this blog & the club, as I think it will be very fun & motivating....and for me, it can be a help to finish projects quicker!?

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RagamuffinQuilts said...

Great links! Thanks for sharing!