Monday, July 27, 2009

What's on my wall

I have been busy working on quilts for our local Children's Center the past couple months. I have 4 rag quilts done, 2 in progress and 1 on the wall, also in progress.

This quilt is a strip/sting quilt and is done quilt as you go.
You lay out the backing fabric face down, place your batting on the wrong side of the backing fabric then lay your first strip of your quilt top fabric across the diagonal, right side up. Next, lay your 2nd strip right side down, on top of the first strip (right sides together). As you sew your 1/4" seam to piece the strips, you actually sew through all the layers & quilt the block as you piece.
To attach the blocks, add a sashing strip to one side of the block, front & back, using a 1/4" seam. Then zig zag the blocks together, once from the front & once from the back just to make sure they are nice & tight. You turn the sashing like binding to hide the zigs.
I am using a narrower strip on the quilt top than on the back, so that I can finish off the edge on the top with a machine stitch. I will secure other side of the back sashing like you would when turning binding. When I get to this step, I will take pics & post again on that part :)
Once all the sashing is turned & secure for each row, you sash each row together in the same way.
I am using 5" squares, trimmed to 4.75" and have 6 rows done & will need maybe 3 more for a nice child's quilt. The prints in the blocks vary, but include lots of scraps from the recent pig purses, so that makes it fun. I hope to finish this quilt this week, along with the 2 rag quilts. Once they are all done, I will be back with a show N tell!

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