Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where have I been?

I know there is "blogging without obligation", but I feel bad that I have not had many new posts lately!

I have been preparing for the "world's longest yardsale", as seen on HGTV for the past several years. This great sale goes right past my door. Check out last year's blog post for a glimpse of the crowd
This week has been spent cleaning the lot, moving farm equipment out of the lot, ensuring everything has a price tag and implementing our sale pricing. Next week will start with the outside setup, getting vendors into their right spaces & set up, and then on Thursday, the fun begins!
This is our biggest week of the year in the brick & mortar, so forgive me for neglecting you all during this process. I will be back with a vengence in another couple weeks!

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sewmeow said...

Same as was 5 days since I had posted. Busy lady with your preparation for the yardsale. Sure hope it is a good one for you this year, and you can take lots of pics. to share with us.