Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 Projects ~ A little catching up to do!

It's been a busy couple months here, as I guess summer is everywhere. I have been creating, but remiss in doing show & tell :) I think this will catch me up .

Here is a 12 pocket purse I made from Moda's Hannah soft & pretty. Spurred on a custom order during the 127 Sale too, so I will have a similar purse to show soon!

Here is a purse vibrant with color from Moda's Woodland Blooms collection. Loaded with pockets in the inside, but I added a coordinating cell pocket on the outside just for fun.

I contacted our local Children's Center 2 months ago about making quilts for the children that pass through their door. I wanted to be sure that once a quilt was given to a child (most children lose everything on the days they find the Center), that it would stay with the child. I proposed putting a square or label on each quilt that the Center could just add the name to. So I embroidered "This Quilt Belongs To " for each of the quilts. I think I ended up sending 8 quilts and 3 bibs this go round. I didn't get snapshots of everything, but did get these :)

Including 3 Hannah Montana flannel rag quilts

3 I-Spy Charm quilts with an embroidered center block. These are batted & backed in flannel. The border is flannel too.

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sewmeow said...

I love the Moda Woodland Blooms fabrics.

That's so great for you to make & donate those quilts for the kids. Great idea, so they don't lose them too! Fun stuff for kids with the I spy ones to distract them from their separation trauma. You are one awesome lady!