Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 Projects ~ Vintage Hankie Inspired 12 Pocket Purse

This custom order purse was inspired by the last purse made from Moda's Hannah fabric.

My customer loved the pattern but wanted to incorporate this beautiful vintage hankerchief into her purse. I was able to use the whole linen by dividing it between the 2 sides.

After I quilted the bag panels, I attached the hankie using monofilament for the top stitching so it that the stitching would not be a focal point. I wanted the hankie to do the talking.

Being vintage, the hankie was thin, so I used a fusible interfacting to give it a little body, then used paper backed fusible web to get the hankie in place on the purse panel. In addition to the monofilament, the hankie is stitched under the handles, across the top of the purse, and where it rolls over the top to the inside, I have hand stitched the hankie in place.

Note how the hankie had a cool taper on one corner.

So, there she is. I am very happy with the result of mixing the textiles. I may be on to something new!


RagamuffinQuilts said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a lovely accent w/ the vintage hankie. Job well done, your customer will be thrilled!

Stormee said...

Those are so cute, I am inspired and must get to work.

Karen said...

Such a pretty bag!

sewmeow said...

Great idea, and it's gorgeous! Good job and great purse for your buyer!