Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Projects~Texture Magic Wallhangings

Beware...lots of pics on this one!

I have found the coolest notion of 2009 (yes, my humble opinion)! This is Texture Magic!
It is the easiest cool gizmo to use & the coolest thing to watch work.

There are just 2 steps. Sew Texture Magic to the wrong side of your fabric. Steam the fabric

and Wah~lah (in my best game show voice), the fabric scrunches up 30% in every direction AND gives a nice flat backing to the newly scrunched fabric.

Here are 2 wall hangings I made to showcase this coolest of cool products.

First, I used the Texture Magic to create the full basket of flowers with this awesome floral fabric.

Here is the TM sewn to the back of the fabric in a 1" grid

Here is the scrunched up fabric, from the front & back

And the Great Unveiling! But I find it hard to really see & appreciate the scrunchy in these pics.

Now, most who know me would tell you....I am not an applique master...heck, I am not even an apprentice. BUT when I saw this product, that's what I thought about. How it could easily add depth to applique.

So, I tried my hand at the only applique technique I know, and being under a little bit of a time crunch to be able to show these wallhangings at the Quilt Show of the Little Mountains this weekend...well, it is what it is...and I STILL like it :)

I used my flower Go! Cutter die and cut some flowers before scrunching & some flowers after scrunching. So I have a few flowers that are 30% smaller than the rest, but the exact same shape. So, for the bigger flowers, I sewed the TM in place, then steamed it, THEN cut it. To get a smaller flower (2 peach & 1 blue-green), I sewed the TM, cut it, THEN steamed it. For the bigger flowers, I used paper backed fusible web to help me keep them in place while I zig zagged them in place.
The other cool thing about Texture Magic, is that the more densly you sew the TM to the back of your fabric, the scrunchier it gets. I played around with this and did each flower a little different.

Not sure, you may be able to see the depth better in the lighter pic.

For more Texture Magic inspiration, check out Superior Thread's Blog each Tuesday for TM Tuesdays!


Lynn S. said...

Shannon, I love the Texture Magic. pretty neat!

Rachel Locke said...

That was cool. I really liked the appliqued flowers.

sewmeow said...

mmmh! Clever new product. Looks fun, and creative! Good pictures you put up for all of us.

fabricartist said...

gads that is great and to think what we went through and all the sewing to get the same effects when we made art quilts. wow I may have to buy some.