Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Film Crew seen on this year's 127 Sale

This is just another annual occurance during the fun-filled week at the 127 sale, camera guys. Those that know me know that me & cameras...well, let's call it camera shy...but, honestly, shy has nothing to do with it.

One of the fellas that sets up his wares in the parking lot at our B&M during the sale (http://www.127sale.com) has agreed to let this camera crew follow him for his packing, setting up & shopping experiences this week. I had to tell the camera guy that I'm not a camera person, then follow that up with a "seriously", but it all worked out.

So my pic here is a little grainy because I took it from quite a distance.

Now if the road construction company would just park their equipment & open the road, we would be off to a great start for this year's "world's longest yardsale!"

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Missy said...

I so want to do this one year. My best friend lives right off of 127 in Clarkrange. I should totally go visit to yard sale!