Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Fever Sale at Fabrics N Quilts!

That's right, I've got the fever!

We know that not all of you are heading into spring, but I am sure that you will be happy to help us Northern Hemisphere gals celebrate the abating snow. And what a better way to celebrate than YOU getting the present!

We are also adding new fabrics every week so that you can snap even new releases at great low prices.
So get your order together, send me a convo in Etsy & I will set up your listing with the discount!

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Betty said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and helping me understand Facebook better!

I have a question for you about fabric. What makes a fabric suitable for using in quilting? For example, I use 100% cotton muslin with a 78x76ct. Can I use this for quilting? I see ads for fabric that says quilting fabric, is that a higher thread count then my muslin?

I am into dying fabric and want to make a small quilt to start with before trying a full size quilt. I want to dye my muslin and cut into squares but wasn't sure if it is really good enough quality for quilts.