Monday, April 26, 2010

I could get hooked on this

Final pics of the chemically dyed fabrics from Sunday’s play day!


I wanted to do at least one fabric that was a single color.  I hope you can see the awesome marbeling in the darkest part of the fabric

DSCN3424 DSCN3423

these 2 are done the exact same way, but the first fabric was dry when I started & the bottom one was wet.  The 3 dyes were applied 1 at a time as the fabric was mushed into a cup.  See how the dye is more mottled on the dry.  Love them both, but the bottom is my fave.


This was a 2 step dye.  First I loosely rolled the fabric & applied the blue.  I rinsed it lightly & let it dry until just damp.  Then I re folded in a different direction & applied the yellow.  The fabric caught in the fold remained blue, while the rest was turned a great shade of green.  Yes, this will become my Green Bay Packers…something!

DSCN3429 DSCN3430

This one (1/2 yard) I think is still a work in process.  I played with different direct dye applications.  The orange was splattered with a brush at the same consistency as if I was dunking the fabric.  The red rectangle things (hope you find them in the 2nd pic) were done with a sponge that has raised edges.  All the various colors were applied & then put to soak in a pale yellow for this temporary-final look.

Last, the dye resist.  What a work in process this is.  First, I had 3 different  methods I wanted to try; Pentel Fabric Dye Sticks, Resist gel, adhesive letters.  on the first try, only the dye sticks worked.  HOWEVER, I will tell you to be careful, though it dyed over, I scorched the fabric when heat setting the letters.


I applied the dye on this one with a spray bottle.  Gave a nice even coat, since it was hanging on the line when I sprayed.  I could see this making a nice marble if sprayed on the grass where the dye could pool.

Since I was too stingy applying the gel, I reapplied on top of the blue…but this time WAY too thick.  The FUN was the adhesive letters.  I think that I didn’t mush on them hard enough to get a really good seal so the letters are not crisp.

So I decided to play a little more & after reapplying the gel, I went with a black spray bottle.  The black was pretty diluted, so is really a deep violet, especially on top of this blue.


since you know where to look for FUN, you can see I used the gel on the F and the U N are kinda voilet.  Above the Pentel pack is where I gooped the resist gel…see it does work!

Tomorrow I will try to come back with my notes on the natural dyeing, since this is something everyone can do in the backyard without spending any money!

If you like this & want to try it, our class is on May 22nd.  Work it into your schedule & book your spot now!

Until next time…

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Marydon Ford said...

This brings back many a memory from Brownie & Girl Scout tie dye projects ... loved the colors.

Have a wonderful week.
TTFN ~Hugs in love, Marydon

Anonymous said...

Excellent! My Leah LOVES to tie-dye. I'll send her to you for a week this summer!

Micki said...

I love the look of tie dye. It looks like great fun!