Friday, May 14, 2010

From our hands

A group of ladies in my community are pooling our talents and sharing our skills to make a quilt for our County Fair.  This quilt will be taken to the state fair to compete against other counties this summer.

The entire quilt will be handwork.  I have not hand pieced since my first quilt, and realized that with time & quilting experience now under my belt, I really enjoy it much more.  So I encourage you that if you tried something years ago and said never again, try it again.  Maybe it suits the quilter you have become!

Here’s a sneak peek of our project.  The pattern is called Tennessee Puzzle

DSCN3507Pretty flowers too, huh?!  I had to get a pic of them and thought our quilt was a great setting :)


sewmeow said...

What a great project to be involved in for you. I love the quilt and can appreciate it even more! hand sewn. Good for you.

Joyce said...

I can't imagine doing a whole quilt by hand,even as a group. I'm a total machine girl myself.