Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yes, Soup for you!

We have an apron club in our store where once a month a group of us get together & pour over patterns & fabrics and devote 1/2 a day to making aprons.  I find it fun, as it is whimsical sewing.

I know that aprons, like purses, are useful accessories.  But since I rarely cook, they are just fun accessories for me to wear in the shop.

But this apron is not sewing related at all, and it needs to live in a kitchen.  Given all the above (rather useless) information, I will list this apron in my Etsy handcrafted store as soon as I can find a willing model.


It really makes me want to cook more & have a funky kitchen.


Marydon said...

Darling creation!

Have a lovely summers eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Bebesboutique said...

You can't get DH to wear it? lol

sewmeow said...

Definitely your hubby needs to model it, if he does all your cooking!