Thursday, September 30, 2010

AccuQuilt Blog Hop~Day 4~Peace Tutorial

Well the week of Accuquilt Blog hopping is nearing an end!  I hope you have enjoyed all the tutorials & giveaways this week!

Today I have a little tute on how to use the Double Wedding Ring Die in a little different pattern!


For this project we are going to use the pieces die from this 2 die set & only the 3 small geometric shapes.





  1. 1 charm pack or various scraps  We used this one
  2. 1 FQ for strips We used this one
  3. 1 FQ for backing
  4. 1 yard Fusible Web (wonder under) or scraps
  5. 1 roll Fusible Bias Tape
  6. Basic Sewing Kit

Dies we will need:

  1. 55017 2.5” strip cutter
  2. 55078 Double Wedding Ring
  3. 55019 4.75” square (optional, but very cool)

We will need to cut the following shapes:

  1. 4 squares
  2. 4 one notch squares with notch pointing left
  3. 4 one notch squares with notch pointing right
  4. 12 two notch squares
  5. 2 strips, 2.5” x WOFQ (width of fat quarter…new term, do you like it? WOFQ)

First, if you wish to use scraps of fusible web, you will have wing the fusible web step but if you are saving fusible web scraps, you already know how to use them!

So, let’s get to it!

Pick out 24 charms for your circle

Use the 4.75” square cutter to cut 24 squares

Fuse the square, paper side UP to the back of your charm square.


DO NOT remove the paper

Time to cut shapes!

I like to fussy cut/miser my fabric usage, so I cut my charms to a little larger than the shape I cut.

We need 4 squares.  Layer up 4 layers of fabric over the square shape (note I have outlined the die shapes with a sharpie)


We need 4 one notch shapes facing left, so we will place the fabric face up


and then face down to get the notch to face right


Also cut 12 of the double notch shapes (lost my pic)

Lay out your shapes to make 1/4 circles (four of them, imagine that)


Ignore that last blue square.

line up the shapes in the following order:

Square, right facing 1 notch, 3 two notch, left facing 1 notch

Start sewing the pieces together, match up the notches to keep your circle, um, circlular.  Using a short stitch length will make tearing the paper later much easier.

 DSCN3933 DSCN3931

I press my seams open.  See, there was a reason not to tear that paper off the back!

Once pressed…look how awesome


make all 4 of these strips, then attach the loose ends to make a big circle!  Once you have the circle finished & seams pressed, now it’s time to remove the paper.  Be cautious & don’t pull out your stitches. 

Now, press your fat quarters.  Pressed fabric will always cut more accurately than wrinkly stuff.

you only need 2 strips  from your FQ, but I cut 3 …one for the strip quilt bin.


Press the strips in half lengthwise to make a crease down the 



Then fold both raw edges to the center & press


It’s time to lay it all out!


I had to work a while at getting my pie slices at the bottom just like I wanted it.  Use a 60 degree triangle to help.  When you measure the distance between the strips at the point where the strip intersects the circle, the 2 measurements should equal. (see the dotted line)

Make sure the raw edges of the strips are long enough to hide underneath the circle, so you don’t have to finish them off.  Once the strips are just like you want, pin in place & remove the circle.  Sew the strips in place 1/8” from edge on all edges.


Lay circle back on & press block to fuse circle to background fabric


Use 1/4” clover fusible bias tape  or make your own to  finish the raw edges of the circle.  I measured by simply rolling off the spool & holding it in place until I worked all the way around the circle.  A better tutorial writer would have then measured the piece, but alas, you have me.  You will want a length for the inner & outside edges.


Fuse in place then reinforce with 1/8” seam on both sides of bias tape. (4 seams)


And tada!  Quilt & bind as desired….or make a bunch & make a whole quilt!

I have to finish mine, but got it all fused & ready to topstitch.  I will be sure to show the final wall hanging once it’s all finished.

Be sure to head over to Quilted Inspirations to check out her AccuQuilt post!

Now, if you have made it THIS far and are still reading, we would love to shower you with the chance to win a Favorites Charm Pack.  Just leave us a comment!  I’ll pick a winner on Friday morning, so you better not dally!


Quilthaze said...

Wow - that's a very clever and creative use of the die! Thanks.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Great tutorial. I love how you used the bias tape to finish off the edges of the circle.

deserae said...

Great tutorial! I love your creativity!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very creative! Thanks for sharing.

emmy said...

As a newbie to quilting, I appreciate your meticulous directions. It's nice to find another source for fabric, patterns, etc.

WvHmmngbrd said...

You really are thinking outside the box - GREAT! Thanks for the chance to win!

free indeed said...

Love to see how everyone thinks 'outside the circle'. It's been fun to see all the ways people are using their GO cutters. So creative. I liked your trick with the 1/4" bias tape to finish the edges...really defines the shape.

RagamuffinQuilts said...

I LOVE this block!!!! Awesome and so totally cool, man. LOL Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

Lee said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! I love it.

Winona said...

This is very creative. I have been getting some great ideas this week. Now all I need to do is win a GO. (grin) Winona

Laurie said...

What a neat idea - you could even put a flower in the center of the circle - you know for flower power!!

Nancy said...

Your idea is so cute! Brings back memories too. LOL!

Deborah said...

PEACE man! I'm 57 years old, and this brings back so many memories of the Hippy Days. Good use of the die. Thanks for sharing. Love it, love, it love. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

Deb said...

I'd love to win the charm pack!

Sandy said...

very creative! thanks!! Sandy in MD

FabricsNQuilts said...

Love the flower power idea! and you piece is not finished yet, so I may just add that!

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Very Creative, my neice would love this. Thank you for sharing.

Tracy said...

Hey! Ragamuffin stole my lines!! And you are soooo clever to come up with this use for the die - my mind will be whirring with more possibilities (as soon as I have more coffee)!

Totally cool, man!

Kathy said...

Such creativity-the dies possibilities never end do they!

Weatherbee ;) said...

Very cute. What a great idea, thanks for sharing your tutorial. (and for the awesome giveaway)! :)


Melissa said...

Love the peace sign block. Thank you for the tutorial and giveaway.

autumnesf said...

Sweet! Peace out!

QuiltSue said...

I'd love to win this, please.

Joanna said...

Love your cheerful peace sign. the fabric is perfect.

stampmeup said...

I like your "pieced Peace" siqn block. My daughter's name is Shiloh, which means "Peace & Prosperity" in Hebrew... So we occasionally find things with the Peace symbol for her.
Thanks for the opportunity to win the charm pack.


Nancy Sue said...

What a great tutorial. I'm sure it's very popular! Thank you for your time in participating in the blog hop tour!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

Bonnie said...

Very nice tutorial. My GKs would love that.

teachpany said...

Great idea, as usual, Shannon! Love it. Thanks for doing this!

Lovie said...

Good use of DWR. Made me think of 1/4 arc on smaller squares. Trim top and bottom with lace, turn under seam with lace showing (this finishes edge) and top stitch down. Instant fan. Thanks for the jump start to my brain.

Liz said...

Interesting use of the double wedding ring pieces, I may try something like this with circles someday!

sewmeow said...

You are just the cleverist! Great new idea, and thanks for sharing it. You GO girl!

Marcia said...

This is such an innovative use of the GO! die set, and a good tutorial. Thanks for showing this and the blog hop. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Becky said...

Groovy:) Thanks for sharing! I love seeing other uses for the dies than the one they are packaged for. Peace:)

SheilaC said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! Love the colors



HEY...GROOVY MAN !!! I'd love to win that charm pack...right up my alley...!!!
(P.S. you do such a fine job....!)

marilyn said...

that peace sign reminds me of a friend at work. She oozes peace from the 70's :)

Deb said...

Groovy! My daughter would love this!

Anna @ Fresh Dew Drops said...

Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

Mame Johnston said...

Love your peace sign block! Great idea and tutorial is also awesomely done. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with some newbies!

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Peace sign bring back alot of memories!! Love the charm pack!!! Thanks for the giveway!!!

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I would love to win a charm pack! Thanks for the tutorial.

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Would love to win and thank you for the tutorial and your generosity.

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I would love a chance to win you charm pack, I am such a fabric addict

JayTee said...

great job!!

fabricartist21 said...

I love the way you did this and hope I will get to do it. thanks

deborah said...

awesome use of the double wedding ring dies! Just great!