Monday, September 20, 2010

The Accuquilt GO! Cutter…why you need one.

Innovation.  Quilting is so much more enjoyable for this generation of quilters, thanks to the innovations we get to enjoy.  Just think of the awesome gadgets & ideas we have that were not around when we first learned to quilt.
We have moved from scissors & templates cut from cereal boxes to rotary cutters to the die cutter.  Quilt shops have used die cutters for quite a while, but the machines were big, bulky, heavy & expensive.

Accuquilt is the leader in the quilting die cutting systems and has transformed die cutting machines with it's GO! cutter.  Just 15 pounds, portable with built in handle and affordable, every avid quilter needs to add the GO! cutter to their quilting arsenal.
So, yeah, I’m a fan.  Check out other fans by clicking the “bloggers that love their Accuquilt” button on the right side of the blog.

Some tips for the GO! cutter. 
  • 4 layers of fabric…don’t push it & do 6 or more.  It’s just not worth it.  The fabric will shift as it tries to go through the rollers AND the machine is taking on more than it was designed to handle.  If you drove your car @ 90mph every day as you start & stop in traffic, it would not give you the same performance as if you drove it correctly.  So, treat your GO! right & it will be like the energizer bunny & keep GOing & GOing & GOing.
  • Use a sharpie marker to outline the shapes on the foam.  Make sure it’s dry before you start to cut to avoid transferring the marker to your fabric.  This makes lining up your fabric 1 jillion times easier.
  • Don’t loose the little pick that comes with the machine.  Use it to keep your dies free of stray & built up threads.
  • Read each die’s directions!  Some dies cut better on the warp than on the weft of the fabric.
  • Share the love.  If you love your GO!  share your story.  Not for fame or glory, but because that’s what quilting is all about.  There is no innovation if we have to keep recreating the same thing over & over because no one shared information.  Tell a friend, tell a guild, tell accuquilt, tell me, just tell someone.

Why you need a GO! cutter
  1. Accuracy-no guessing, no slipping rulers
  2. Easy-almost any adult can do this.  Children should be supervised, as die blades are SHARP
  3. Dies, unlike your rotary cutter, never need to be sharpened
  4. FAST-cut your cutting time in half or more and get to sewing!
  5. Portable-cut anywhere you can find a table
  6. Affordable-Use up all those scraps.  One of the most daunting reasons not be use scraps is the time to cut them to shape.
  7. Applique Awesomness- circles, curves, sunbonnets...all those things that used to be traced & cut by hand-no more!

I could go on, but I think you get it :)


Susan said...

I want one of these bad! Just not in the budget....maybe I'll get lucky and win one:)

Kylie B said...

I want one too just don't have that sort of $$ at the moment!
Would LOVE to win on too, found you on Twitter!

roundnround said...

Today is my 23rd Anniversary, I would love to win a GO! I've got TONS of scraps that I could easily clean up by using this GO!