Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GO! Round-about Table Runner

I just HAD to have the circle die!  It has so many applications that I couldn’t decide which project to make first.

I decided on one project, but then mid stream, changed my mind and finished this rag quilted table runner.


Using the 5” circle die and the 3.5” square die, I quilted a square of warm & natural (from scraps, awesome) to one circle so that the points of the square matched the sides of the circle as close as possible. 

This created a nice sewing line for attaching the blocks together (the straight side of the batting will be the seam line for attaching).


Then, since I like a fluffy rag seam, I cut flannel 5” circles, which I used as a second batting layer.  Then put a top cotton layer on top to make my quilt sandwich.

I like the scalloped edge look.  What do you think about this GO! project?  Before you answer, ponder this:

  • there are 39 blocks in my quilt
  • each block uses 3 circles
  • that’s 117 circles

How long would it take you to trace & cut 117 circles by hand?

It took me 30 minutes TOPS to cut mine.  The GO! cutter shapes rock.


Weatherbee ;) said...! I could never imagine cutting out that many circles!!! AMAZING! And it looks really good. Very cute! :)


sewmeow said...

Wonderful idea! I love the fact it only took you 30 mins.......for 117 circles!! Yay!

quiltsbylee said...

I swear you are so smart. You can come up with great ideas. Love it when you change things up.

teachpany said...

Love it, Shannon! That runner is so cute, and quite a different use for the circle. Great idea!! And the colors? I need a GO!!

chrissevett said...

This is great. I just started with the Blog I love the Studio I recently Borrowed. would love to have the GO.

Barb said...

Oh...that Go die is are all of them...