Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meeting quilters always makes for a fun weekend!

The Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival has come & gone again, but what a good time we had!

See, even Bubbles looks like he’s enjoying himself!


Sittin’ on the wall like a silly monkey!

The UCQuilt Festival is a walking or driving festival with events set up all over the city of Algood, TN.  Unfortunately (for me anyway), the quilt show is in a different church than the vendor mall, and open the same hours.  So, I am afraid I have no pictures to share with you of the stunning masterpieces made by this community of quilters.

Just pics of Bubbles & the setup.

DSCN3901 DSCN3899 

Today is a unpacking & restocking day.  And of course catching up on all the online goodies I missed over the last few days.

Oh, I nearly forgot Pumpkin Man!

About 10 miles from my place is a really beautiful dairy farm.  They also grow a wide variety of pumpkins every year & sell them.  Pumpkin Man, as I have aptly named him is made from round hay rolls (bales).  He is painted on both sides.

DSCN3897 DSCN3898 

To help with scale, note the pickup truck passing on the road in the 2nd picture.  I want one in my yard, seriously want one.

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Barb said...

I would have loved to be with Mr. Monkey...what fun!