Thursday, September 9, 2010

A walk around the store

Today as I was snapping pics of the new table runner, I thought I would share a little floor fun with you.

Our floor is like the world’s largest decoupage project (I didn’t ask Guinness, so don’t quote me).

The papers I used are from 1908-1932.

In the spring of 1932, in the Battle Creek (Michigan) Moon-Journal,

We had the Nancy Page Quilt Club.
Floral applique blocks.  Here are a few that are already part of the floor (thus the glare)

DSCN3840 DSCN3837 DSCN3838 DSCN3839

Since it is a decoupage kinda floor, you can see the repair made to the block above.  Just slap another piece of paper over tears, etc.




Do your wheels ever stop turning???? That is just down right WONDERFUL.... I wish I were in your neck of the woods....I'd be there all the time....and spending my allowance there too!!!

Merry Made Quilts said...

how fun!

Barb said...

Just love seeing your floor...

Karen said...

Gorgeous! Love the idea! One problem I'd have if I visited would be a stiff neck from looking down so much!

Mishka said...

What a very unique idea!!

harleywife57 said...

I guess I missed this all ! and it was only last month ... where was I ????? this is so cool . where did you find the old newspapers ? and they are close to me since I'm in Indiana ! ha > what kind of floors are underneath ?