Saturday, January 29, 2011

Easy Pet Pillow

Judy over at Sew Fun Quilts put a bug in my ear a few months ago about how she creates pillows for her kitties using her would-have-been-garbage scraps. 

I decided this was a perfect idea to make Maggie a bed for the shop.

Using this cute Moda fabric from Pampered Pooch, I used a 1/2 yard cut & stitched up an envelope


I turned the raw open edge with a simple hem & started tossing in scraps.  unprinted selvage edges, trims to square up pieces, bits of batting & the like.


Once full, I just stitched it shut & applied a pooch



Grandma Barbara said...

Too cute!! And I love the pillow, too!!! Great job!

Ann Marie said...

I save all my tidbits too for the same reason, I have 4 big ol dogs, and their beds always need more fluff.

sewmeow said...

Oh...Maggie is so cute! and looks like she really likes her new cute pink pillow. Perfect fabric choice for such a feminine little gal.

Glad you liked my idea. You can wash/dry them a few times before they get kinda lumpy. I'm still saving mine too.

RagamuffinQuilts said...

What a great doggie bed! I probably have enough scraps for my two big girls too. :-) Maggie looks all smiles with her new bed.