Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Scrappy!

I have made a promise to work on a *me* project for at least an hour every day.  So, I have been working my scrappy piecing in with my class & custom order piecing this week.


It’s amazing how quickly the pile grows when you just add in a few pieces here & there!

These will finish to 3”.  Now to figure out how I am going to use them in my quilt.  I have too many ideas rolling around in my mind, so I think it’s time to EQ7!


harleywife57 said...

I like it already ; pretty scraps !

sewmeow said...

That's a fun "promise" you made and I like that idea. Your little scrappies are lookin' good.

Lucky-1 said...

Yes I like the idea of a me hour....way to go and enjoy it:)

Patti said...

Hi love what you're doing. I take it that EQ7 is just for the PC. Thanks a lot for stopping by my new blog.
Patti xxx