Friday, January 21, 2011

A new space just for our needlework gals

A few boards, a little paint & we have all our needlework supplies all together in one bright corner.

On one wall, our DMC floss is all protected from dust & light in the gray drawers that line this wall.  I added this little piece of pegboard so that needles, paint & cross stitch supplies are close at hand.  Also this is where our crochet hooks will rest…


because to the left you will find all of our iron on & prestamped embroidery patterns, crochet thread, flour sack towels, and cross stitch patterns!


Getting all those needlework goodies together gave me some extra room on this shelf to spruce up.


The DM approves, but the head tilt may signify it is time to get to work, and quit showing off pictures.



Barb said...

Looks awesome!

jennifer said...

Howdy Maggie, Looks good Shannon more room is always nice:)

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Looks great! But I'd say you better get back to work or offer the DM a biscuit. :-)

sewmeow said...

That really looks nice and great for your "walk-in" needlework buyers to have it all together.

Maggie does need a treat for supervising!