Thursday, April 14, 2011

A fabric bowl for the powder room

Thanks to Michele over at Quilting Gallery and her fabric basket swap, I found this wonderful blog with lots of awesome freebies! 

I have wanted to make a fabric bowl for potpourri for-ev-er!

Even though I didn’t make my basket like the tutorial, it was easy-peasy to print out the templates & have something tangible to get in my way & get me motivated!

I think I fused & cut my shapes the same day I printed the template,  and then there they sat…for at least a month.

I didn’t want to finish the edges with satin stitch, because that always gets wavy like gravy on me.  So I finally sat down & got the pieces bound & attached this week.

What do I love most about my bowl?



AND it only took a 6” x WOF of each fabric + 8” of fabric for binding  Can you say, “get out your scrap bin”?


Barb said...

Just love your fabric bowl...I have seen these before and thought of making a few...just love yours!

harleywife57 said...

nice work ! I really really like it !

Mishka said...

Your bowl turned out great Shannon!