Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday’s Blog Challenge & Giveaway

Welcome to week 3 of our Monday Challenge & Giveaway!


This week, we challenge you to check out the Quilts of Valor program.

Yup, this week there is no requirement to MAKE anything!

Take a look at their website, come back & tell me something you didn’t know about Quilts of Valor.

For a second entry, you can tell me how you will participate in 2011 in this awesome endeavor to donate quilts to our injured returning service men & women.  Check out the quilt requirements here.

For a third entry, post a link to a QOV quilt you have already made & donated.

Our winner this week will win a copy of my QOV Under Our Wings quilt pattern via email. If your profile uses no-reply, and you don’t put an email in your comment, I can’t email you your prize….so be sure to make sure you cover this base! 

(This quilt pattern is GO! cutter friendly!)


Deadline for posts for giveaway is Wednesday, April 13th, midnight Central Daylight Time.


harleywife57 said...

HI ! I did not know QAV has been around since 2003 !!!

harleywife57 said...

this year I have donated some 'just 1 star ' blocks ( 4 of them ) and I plan on making a donation to QAV later in the year and I plan on making more squares . Thanks for doing this Shannon !!! :=)

teachpany said...

I love your quilt pattern, and thanks for making it GO! friendly, lol. I read quite a bit on QOV. I had no idea that you needed a presentation case to go with the quilt. I knew about the labels, and the longarm service. I will have to see about making a top to donate. I have lots of Patriotic fabric.

LisaT said...

OK so, checked out the QOV site. Ive heard about the organization from other quilt sites but didnt realize how large it was. I did not know that you can send your quilt away and a voluteer longarmer would quilt it for you. How nice is that!

LisaT said...

Hmmm, they have so many rules! Quilting, they want even stitches - leaves out my stippling! I'd be happy to assist, help someone make blocks and all.

Cecilia said...

I also didn't realize that they have been around for so long. I have made a "one star" block and have gotten my sit n sew group to make some also.

jennifer said...

I didn't realize that they posted how many have died. I just put them in my favorites.

robin said...

I just found out about Quilts of Valor today! It's all new to me! :)

Christine said...

QOV has awarded 39,735 quilts as of today! WOW! It is just wonderful! I have also recently found out about QOV. Thank you Shannon for making us aware of QOV.

stampmeup said...

I didn't know QOV was such a large organization. I only recently heard about them. What a wonderful, worthy project!