Monday, April 18, 2011

The next quilt

As one project nears completion, it’s always irresistible to ponder what to do next.

Like so many of you, my WANT to list is much longer than my EVER BE ABLE to list.

At this moment, I am debating between a chenille rug made from flannel

Starting my Be Dazzled, which means making sure I have everything on the supplies list

Paper Pieced “something” like this fun & bright lovely from Carol Doak’s free patterns

dive back into that wonderful scrap pile of mine


start playing with my cousin’s snowman blocks/quilt (Cute wallpaper, huh?)

or quilt 1 of the 3 lap quilt tops begging my attention


Oh, & don’t forget the batik quilt/UFO I started in 2009!



Now I am overwhelmed.  Think I will go flip pages of the latest AQS American Quilter magazine!


harleywife57 said...

HAH ! I read on the internet about everybody else's sewing , crafting , and quilting accomplishments INSTEAD of working on my own projects ...... what is wrong with me ??? ha !

Ann Marie said...

Well you pick the one project that is half done that you really don't want to work on, and make yourself do 15 minutes a day on it before you can touch something you really want to do. If I had to start one of those new projects it would have to be bedazzled! That one is on my list too!!

Sarah Craig said...

OMG, that batik UFO is amazing! It looks like it has light captured in it!!