Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bama Bound Quilts~check them out

There aren’t many words to express the sorrow and pain I feel at the devastation from this spring’s natural disasters world wide.

Earlier this week, we featured Quilts for Japan.  My heart breaks as I look at the pictures of devastation.

Now, in my “own back yard” we have more folks in need after a night of tornados has left the southeast US in similar devastation.

Bama Bee has started a blog & would love any help you can provide in spreading the word, sending up prayers and of course, any quilts to comfort those children who have lost so much.

tuscaloosa tornado

My family in North Alabama was lucky.  They were without power for 5 days & suffered some property damage, but were blessed to have a neighbor’s storm shelter in which to ride out the storm.  There were so many repercussions from the storm that I never really thought of before

  • no power, no gas stations work
  • no gas in the car, no way to flee or get supplies
  • the importance of a non-electric telephone and propane for the grill
  • stockpile of candles and batteries for the radio
  • the isolation
  • the worry of your loved ones that can’t get in touch

Take 5, count your blessings.

Then, think about your emergency preparedness.

Then, pop over to Bama Bound Quilts and see what you can do to help out. Be a quilting angel.

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harleywife57 said...

thanks Shannon : where does your family live ? my in-laws are from Waterloo . It was ok there ; lots of storms but not the big ones .