Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday’s Challenge & Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all of you that shared a personal & inspiring story!

Congrats to our winner, Sarah Craig!

It’s our last “Monday’s Challenge!”

We have been so happy to bring you this series of challenges & are so honored that you have joined us in our month of giving!

This week, we present you  This program is brought to you by the editors of Quilter’s Newsletter.

Here is a link to the Call for Quilts for Japan

And here is a link for an awesome free label for your quilt from Lapel Stick.

With all the crazy weather & natural disaster that has plagued the world this spring, it is a blessing to be able to give back.

So, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to read up on Call for Quilts for Japan, check out the Facebook group, look at some of the beautiful pictures of donations, and then tell us a little story about how a perfect stranger helped you at some point in your life, or the reverse, how you have helped someone else.  We all love a good story & sometimes we just need to hear one too!

Winner will be selected at random on Wednesday 3pm CST.  Winner will receive a  $10.00 gift certificate to!

Of course, if you can make a quilt for this charity, they are looking at a due date of May 24th.  See all the quilt spec’s here.


harleywife57 said...

Many years ago , my car broke down on the way home from my sister's house ; I was about 45 mins from her house , my daughter was about 5 or 6 , it was dark . Luckily , It happened close to a rest area . I could not get it started again . A man walked over and asked if I needed help , and I kinda freaked out !! He was a truck driver and needed some down time . I reached my sister and they left right away to come rescue me . The nice man (which I forget his name ) offered to stay with me and my daughter until they got there so we would not be alone ; he talked the whole time which helped my nerves ! He was lonely and I was scared !! God works miracles all the time !

Christine said...

Great challenge and I have enjoyed your Monday Challenges. Thank you for all you do!

Sarah Craig said...

Great challenge! Here's my story - a friend of mine brought me a pitiful quilt - totally worn out - that her mother-in-law had made from old clothing. They had loved it and used it for years, but it was literally falling apart. Her MIL had died a few years before, and this was all she had left of her. She wanted me to see if I could save part of it, say in a pillow top, so they could still use it. Well, this quilt should have gone in the ragbag, but after many months, I got the inspiration to cut rectangles out of the apple core pieces and make a coin quilt using new backing material. I put it together and it looked wonderful! I called her to tell her I had made her a new quilt and she told me that she was going through some really tough times and was wishing she could get a hug from her MIL to make her feel better - and she said this was almost as good! If you'd like to see the quilt, I blogged about it here....

teachpany said...

I have so many good stories. The time I ran out of gas at 2am with my 3yo son in the car. I put him in the stroller to walk the mile to the station, and someone stopped and offered a ride. I accepted (my son on my lap, just in case) and he explained he was a student from the college I attended. He knew some of my friends, gave us the ride and drove us back to my car. This was before cell phones. This winter, a few times, I found my driveway cleared of snow. No idea who did it, but was greatly surprised to see I could get out after over a foot of snow. I hope I had helped someone that they would say what I did. Maybe it was making a costume, or a pillowcase, or calling for help when a car broke down, or a quilt or shawl. I have made a few prayer shawls, and I heard back from some that they helped.

Pam said...

Someone ran into my car in a parking lot and the witness copied down the information, came into the store, found me, stayed until the police came, and served as a witness to the event-saving me a lot of money and grief. The person who hit my car also came back. It all worked out in the end.

LoveBug Studios said...

This past winter, when there was 4 feet of snow in my driveway and completely blocking me into the house, this roaming band of folks pushing snowblowers & carrying shovels came over to clear it for me. That was the best!