Sunday, July 17, 2011

AQS Knoxville-a photo recap

What a great time I had on Thursday, playing hooky from the shop & heading to Knoxville with the gal-pals for the American Quilter’s Society show.  This is the last year the show will be in Knoxville, as it’s moving to Grand Rapids next year.

There were several exhibits that did not allow photography  BOO HISS, but I get it…AQS is a business & selling stuff is their job.  But I feel like I am depriving you of the best parts of the show to not show you those quilts.

If there was one word that resonated with me in this year's entries it’s SPARKLE!

There was glitz, glam, bling, whatever you want to call it in so many quilts.  It is so awesome to see folks really push the limit of the traditional. 

Enjoy the show & tell!:


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Barb said...

The quilts are fabulous, thanks for showing, I am sure you had a fabulous time!

Christine said...

WOW! Those quilts are amazing!

Brita said...

It was a great show -- I'm bummed that it won't be here anymore :-( Thanks for sharing your pics!

Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for sharing - I so wanted to go, but it just wasn't in the cards!

bairdmtn said...

Had a great time at the show! My friend and I tool a machine quilting class on Wednesday then went to look and shop on Thursday! I learned so much in the class! Wish it would return to Knoxville, but at least I did get to go to this one!!

harleywife57 said...

These are GORGEOUS ! Most of them look like paintings ! WOWSER !

Beth said...

I am in awe of quilters with so much talent and the ability to actually create such beauty. They make me want to do so much more, and hope I can capture some of that beauty.