Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunter’s Star-The Smart way!

I love QuiltSmart preprinted fusible interfacing!image

Ok, that’s outta the way, now let me show you why.  Like many of you, there are some quilt patterns out there that I just say, no way,  too many little pieces, too many points, too much trouble.

As quilters, we tend to be ruler (& notion) junkies.  It’s true, you can admit it.  We are always looking for a new way to do cool things with fabric & thread. 

But, like Alton Brown, I don’t like unitaskers.  If I have an item in my toolbox, I want to use it for more than just one thing.  And really, how many Hunter’s Star quilts are you going to make in your lifetime?  Should you spend $20+ on a ruler to use on 1 quilt?  I say no.

Hunter’s & Lone Star quilts have always fallen in that category…until now!

QuiltSmart produces preprinted fusible interfacing that allows you to create difficult quilts not just easily, but quickly too.  For me, this is another big plus.  There are a couple dozen or more quilt designs, but today we’ll focus on the Hunter’s Star.

Here is my table runner, made and quilted in the span of an afternoon.

hunters star runner

I quilted this around the star (click to enlarge & see detail).  This has been washed.  The interfacing does not make the quilt stiff once laundered.

This is my lap quilt.  I did a little bit on this one each day as it fit into my schedule, so I am not sure how long it took, but I finished it in a week.  The great thing about this process is you can do step 1 (or 3 or 5) on all the blocks, sorta assembly line style, or you can finish each block and start the process over with the next block.

hunters star lap quilthunters star lap quilt1

I quilted the hourglass block on this quilt instead of the star.  Really gives it a different look.  Also, my fabric choices really make you pause to see the different designs in the pattern.

hunters star lap quilt2

An interfacing panel is just $4.  Each panel makes 3 blocks (table runner), and I used 4 panels for the lap quilt (48x60”)  The instructions are essential and I don’t recommend going the “I can figure it out from looking at the interfacing” route.

We will have more of the QuiltSmart products to show you as time goes on, but I assure you that using rectangles to make these star points beats out any ruler out there.  Check out the QuiltSmart youtube channel for some how to on some of the other patterns.  The Hunter’s Star is a new one and there isn’t a video for it posted…yet Smile

We have the table runner class on both the September AND October class calendar, so you are sure to make one before the holiday season.  Can’t you just see that table runner adorning your holiday table in Red & Green?  Icey Blue & White?

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Brita said...

That is gor. jee. usss! Love the fabrics you chose, too.

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

OH WOW ! so did the pics take longer to download than it did to sew these together ? and how does this work ???? any in progress pictures ? ( can you tell I'm confused ??? )

Sarah Craig said...

Your Hunter's Star quilt is beautiful!! Whoop whoop!!

Elvis Lives said...

Hi. Lovely hunters star quilt, but if you want to make a quilt bigger than a lap quilt, it's actually more economical to buy the ruler! I'm just going to use my 12.5 inch square ruler and figure out the markings. No cost then.