Sunday, August 14, 2011

ok, let’s give this a test

I have had several private messages that it’s been hard to publish a comment to our blog.

Sharon at CraizeeCorner  tweeted this morning that it may be due to having the comments imbedded below the post.

blogger comments.bmp

So in my blogger settings, I changed from embedded to pop up window.

I would love to know if this works, so I am contacting a few of you to come try it out!

Of course all comments give us the warm fuzzy-love feeling that makes getting out of bed worth it every day {too much?}


Pamela said...

Here is a warm fuzzy from me, lets see how it goes!

Sharon Pernes said...

Thanks for the shout out!

teachpany said...

I am hoping this works, too. I want to make my blog work better.

CarlaSue said...

I sure hope it works! I`ve wondered why I have problems commenting on some Blogger sites and not on others. Maybe you`ve solved it!

Sharon Pernes said...

Another thing I did was once in google I signed out and then back in with a different account and now I can comment from m computer, which is where I was having problems.

sewmeow said...

Ok..once I clicked on post a comment, I got the old regular pop up window, and could do it this time.

Also, quite a while ago, where you sign in to blogger, I unclicked the "keep me signed in" box, and have had no trouble since. Strange, but it worked for me.


Samelia's Mum said...

Thanks for the info!
Blogger need to fix these probs or people will start moving to Wordpress.
Have a great day x

harleywife57 said...

HELLO !! Is this working ???
I do believe it is ! FYI : I follow couponing sites on facebook ; and a few of them said they were having trouble with spam reports and 1 said she thought their gmail accounts had been hacked ; don't know if related , but kinda odd ! it seems poeple are having 'issues' !!

Ann Marie said...

I have been blogging on and off all day long, on both embedded blogs, and pop-ups too. I haven't had a problem. So maybe it is just the server those few people are on. There are a few storms cruising across the globe.

jmniffer said...

Sending a warm fuzzy your way. Hope everything is working as it should.

Sarah Craig said...

Seems to be working ok now!