Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monticello Quilt Show–Show and Tell

The wonderful quilters of the Contented Heart Quilt Guild put on a beautiful show every labor day in the charming city of Monticello, Kentucky.  I love the categories for the show; they focus on quilts completed by 1 person.  All quilts that are a collaborative effort are in 1 category.

Here were some of my favorites from this year’s show.  I apologize in advance for blurry pics…my camera died & I had to resort to the phone camera.


This quilt took first place in the Applique category, as well as viewer’s choice.  This quilt, Little Brown Bird, was made by Virginia A. Cloud of Somerset, KY.  It is very hard to see, but many of the baskets were actually woven strips of fabric.


This quilt, Fairies, was made by Debbie Hart of Allardt, TN.  This quilt won Second place in the Applique category.

2011-09-03 08.43.59.jpg

This beautiful whole cloth quilt was made by a long-standing member of the guild, but unfortunately my photo of her label is too fuzzy for me to read & give proper credit Sad smile 

2011-09-03 09.02.32.jpg2011-09-03 09.03.13.jpg

These 2 quilts competed in the miniatures category.  The 2nd place, Freedom Stars, was about 15” square…now reconsider those points for a sec…whew!  This was made by Pat Kuhns of Lincoln, NE.  Grandmother’s Flower Garden was made by Jennifer Bowen of Williamstown, KY


These are the Civil War challenge blocks.  Debbie Hart of Allardt, TN won 1st place.

2011-09-03 08.41.45.jpg

This quilt won first place in the Hand Quilted, small category.  Roseville was made by Peggy Green of Sparta, TN

2011-09-03 08.42.51.jpg

Blooms & Baskets was also made by Virginia A. Cloud of Somerset, KY.

2011-09-02 09.15.53.jpg

Our Tennessee Puzzle won second place in the Collaboration Quilt category.  What a great surprise!

2011-09-03 08.40.50.jpg

Patsy Littrell’s (Allardt, TN)  houses won an honorable mention in the Collaboration quilt category.  Only 2 honorable mentions were given by the judges in all categories.

There were 142 entries in this beautiful show and no way I could show them all.  As always, it was my pleasure to participate in this great quilt show!


Brita said...

Beautiful stuff -- another group of talented folks, altho I recognize some of your gang in there! Thanks for sharing.

Stray Stitches said...

Absolutely gorgeous creations. Thanks for sharing!!