Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Quilts for the New Year

It’s been a stitchin’-busy time here the last couple of weeks!  We got 3 big quilts back from long arm quilters ready for binding.

Of course the first thing I do when I get the quilts finished is to hang them.  This makes it more difficult sometimes to get good pics to show you on the blog.  When will I learn my lesson?

The King Size monster, Crosswinds, (whew what a big ‘un) is finally finished!  Wow, I first blogged this top November, 2010!

My ceilings are not 110” tall, as you can see in the pic of the top (dragging the floor),


so my finished beauty is folded over the biggest rack I have


Hopefully if you blow this up you can see the background quilting in the damask.

crosswinds closeup

My 2 scrap pinwheels are done.  I bound the larger one with a scrappy binding & pieced the back.  There are some pinwheels on the back too, in the strips of squares.  More on the quilt top here. 

scrappy pinwheels-1scrapy pw bindingscrappy pw backing

I got a little excited sewing all my scraps of 2.5” strips together. I only need about 10 yards but when I got done ironing, I realized I had 30 yards. It’s all rolled up, just waiting for another scrap quilt. I have decided to just add onto it as I finish other binding. An every growing roll, but organized scraps, so that’s a good thing.

scrappy binding

The resounding consensus on the small pinwheel quilt is that it would be great for a baby boy (thanks to all who spoke up).  I bound this one in the deep navy blender.  the backing is this cute fabric that incorporates all the colors from the front.  (again, it’s hanging and falls behind some embroidery supplies, so the pic kinda cuts off the quilt.  You can see the whole quilt top in my earlier post.


primary pinwheels


I have also finished an interesting project for a customer.  I rebound an antique quilt and put a new quilt top (& batting) on the back.  Lots of fun & a new adventure, which I always love!

Didn’t get a picture of this in full after the final wash, but here’s a semi-before & after




That’s it for finished quilts, I think I will do a separate post for the small items!

It’s looks like I have done so much since the first of the year, but most of the work was done last year & just binding done this year.  It’s a quilting illusion Winking smile

I am linking up with Sarah !  Go see what other quilters have been up to!



harleywife57 said...

WOW ! quite a quilting illusion you have created here ! They are all LOVELY !!!! Love the quilting on the 1st quilt , which I forgot about from last year ! I want them all !! :)

Barb said...

Love all of the quilts!! WHOOP!

Karen said...

I like all your quilts especially the pinwheel quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

Illusion or not, that's an impressive amount of finishes there! And I love love love that pinwheel quilt!! Whoop whoop!!

KatieQ said...

Your idea about continually adding scraps to your binding is great. All three of your quilts are beautiful. The backs are wonderful. You're lucky to have found such a creative long arm quilter.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Beautiful! I love the pinwheels:)