Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Serendipity when two interests collide

So, I guess a little explanation is necessary before I jump in & tell you what got me so quilty-excited. 

As a family, we believe in the Golden Rule.  We believe that hard work pays off.  We believe in sportsmanship.  We don’t believe that reality TV is in any way reality.  We believe in a lot of things, but that’ll cover it for now.

In line with the sportsmanship theme, we enjoy watching the History Channel show, Top Shot.  Last night was the season premiere.  One of the challenges last night showed this black target with lime green lines & I sparked up in my chair!

What a cool quilt that would make!  For one thing, it is on a grid background {awesome}

So, off to the net I went today.  Searching paper rifle targets.

Check these out (click to go to website):

Fullscreen capture 2152012 93724 AM.bmp

The page above is all *.pdf free printables!!  There are tons of those websites out there!

Fullscreen capture 2152012 93755 AM.bmp


My search was rifle paper target.  Try adding free or printable to your search for free to use designs

I never did find the exact design I saw on tv last night, but there are so many out there that my mind is already in overload.

So, look outside the box…never know what you will find!

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harleywife57 said...

Wow ! You are on a roll ! you keep going , girl !!!!

FabricFascination said...

Cool idea Shannon. Inspiration comes from unlikely places sometimes.

KatieQ said...

You never seem to miss a beat. You can find inspiration wherever you look. Thanks for sharing.

Annemart said...

What a great idea! Inspiration is everywhere!