Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scrap Baby Quilts via Orca Bay Mystery pieces

Last Friday, I finally felt caught up from the mania of the prior weekend’s {awesome} quilt show in Sparta.  The first show of the year is always a little extra stressful, as I have new demos each year and am rusty in my packing & slack in my QSM’s (quilt show muscles).

Anywho… back to Friday.  I had some free time, so I decided it was quilt-for-the-heck-of-it time.  I pulled out my basket of remaining pieces from last fall’s Quiltville Orca Bay mystery.  As I’ve mentioned before, I decided to make my Orca Bay Mystery into several different projects.   The first project was a nice full size quilt.

{The Orca Bay mystery is no longer available on the Quiltville website, so I hope you saved your steps as they came out!}

I still had lots of those triangles from Step # 5.  These units use 1.5” (finished size) triangles and the unit finishes to 3 7/8”  I put 2 of these units together to form a bigger 4 7/8” triangle.  I used blue in place of Bonnie’s black


I paired 48 of those blue units with 48 string triangle blocks (trimmed to same 4 7/8”) from Step #4.  I used pink instead of red.


These units finish to 4.5” squares

I added 1” (finished size) muslin strips between to yield a 9.5” block.  Yield 12 blocks.


I took another 48 Step #4 triangles & stitched them with muslin cut the same size (5.5” square cut on the diagonal).  These squares were squared up to 5”.  I set them together to make 12 ~ 9.5” pinwheel blocks.


then, I just alternated the blocks to make my baby quilt top {actually 2 tops just the same}.


I added a bright atoll blue marble border (finished size 1/2”) and a cute ABC block outer border (finished 3”).  I quilted one free motion with stipples & hearts and the other with stipples & dragonflies.



I still have the string blocks from Step #2  to play with, but I am cooking up an idea for them already!


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Brita said...

It was fun seeing you in Sparta! Clever idea for using up your Orca parts (wait, that sounds icky). That's a really cute quilt. You need to send a picture to Bonnie!

Sheila said...

Wow! The pink and the blue looks awesome. Like looking through a kaleidoscopic! LOVE them! Love the purple strip blocks, too!

Jennifer Gail said...

I love your purple strings. Please do your magic with my giveaway. Please!

Connie said...

Looks like great patterns! I like the way you used your pieces of Orca Bay! I have my top all pieced......just need to quilt it.

Kat said...

So many teeny tiny pieces but WOW -- they look fabulous together!!

Sue Daurio said...

Love what you did with the extra parts. I made only those necessary for Orca bay, no left overs for me.

Sarah Craig said...

Wow, those are gorgeous! Nice work!! Whoop whoop!!