Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to get more out of your Facebook time

Did you know that you only see about 15% of your fan'd page posts?  It's a way for Facebook to get ad revenue from those with fan pages.  If we pay to promote, we will be seen by more of our fans/likers.

BUT, you can fix that!    You can create your own news feed via “Lists”

First, start on a page you “like”, like, um, I don’t know, Fabrics N Quilts Winking smile


Click on the little gear button next to the Like button & select Add to Interest Lists


Assuming you don’t have an interest list set up, click New List


Click Next


Name your list (I called mine Quilting) & decide who can see it.  Click Done


Now, you can add to your list in the upper right corner by simply typing in names of people or pages AND your list shows in the list on the left. (See at the bottom where Quilting is highlighted?)

Now, Go forth & make lists…just don’t forget to add us (www.facebook.com/www.fabricsnquilts)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this idea. I think that I have now started my own quilting list with your Facebook page as the first entry.

zarina said...

Thank you for the tip. Now hope to get more likes for my FB page: Zarina Craft.