Saturday, August 18, 2012

I did it! I grew cotton!

Last year, thumbing through my favorite gardening magazine I saw a little ad for cotton seeds.  I thought, why not?  It’s just $9 for a pack of seeds (high for seeds, but more seeds than I would have room to plant in 1 year anyway).

I cleaned out some weird mums that I never really liked from the store’s front flower bed & planted 10 or so seeds.  Then the unexpected dry months followed.  I tried to be diligent to water my little experiment, but thought I had failed.  Then, one day, a new plant emerged & I let it grow, hoping I wasn’t growing just a big weed.

cotton plant

Today I noticed a first bloom.  A butter yellow flower, tightly coiled.  I had to check the pictures on the net just to be sure, but alas, I HAD grown cotton in the hills of Tennessee!

cotton plant-002

There are buds still forming & one large one about to pop (bottom in this pic)

cotton plant-001

I can’t wait to show you more as my cotton moves from pretty flower to whispy boll.  I had hopes of having it spun, but I doubt one plant will yield enough to fool with.  There’s always next year!

So, we can grow cotton!  I’m not much on fertilizer or insect spray, so I would say my cotton is even organic (please don’t pile on me here…I’m just making commentary, not certifying or defining organic).

Stop by today & visit our cotton & us too!

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Carol Bledsoe said...

Congratulations! That is exciting. Can't wait to see the progress.

Connie said...

This is so neat! I wonder if I could grow it here in Iowa.....I can't wait to see more as it continues to grow!

Terri said...

You're my kind of gal! Experimenting with plants is my side line... and quilting (mostly fabric accumulation). Congrats!
I've recently got a magnolia to start. It's beautiful.

Annemart Berendse said...

Congrats, that's a great thing! Now you can start your own fabric line ...

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Wow! It actually grew for you, that's awesome! Have it spun and make a little coaster or something just to keep it as your first result of growing cotton. :-)

Jennifer Gail said...

Well I'm impressed. I'll have to come by and see for myself.

HelenMarie said...

WOw! That's great! Where did you get your seeds? I'd like to try that next year.