Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mondo Bag has a new little sister-the Midi Bag

The Mondo Bag is one of the most popular tote kits we have ever seen.  It is great for overnight, day at the beach, or off to the gym (see our Mondo bag here).  But it is way to big for most folks to use as a daily purse.  Enter the Midi bag, Mondo’s little sister!

Midi Bag-Fabrics N Quilts

Both the Mondo & Midi use pre printed fusible interfacing to construct the bag.  The humongous benefit is that you fuse all the squares to the interfacing, then sew long seams.  You are NOT sewing individual squares together.  Since the squares are on the same long seam, your points have to match-there’s really no way they can’t.

ALSO, Mondo & Midi use the same pattern, so if you have already purchased a Mondo kit, you’ll only need the Midi interfacing panel (a whopping $4.15). 

Dimension comparison: the Mondo bag has a 12” bottom & is 16” tall, Midi has an 8” bottom and is 12” tall.

I added a pocket to my bag, but that is obviously optional.  I also made my straps longer, just to show it’s possible.

Midi Bag-Fabrics N Quilts-001
I used the new French General collection, Chateau Rouge mini charms.  Moda’s new mini charms are 2.5” precut squares.  So, yup, I only had to cut lining, fusible fleece & straps for the bag….the good folks at Moda did all the rest!  We have mini charms in the shop, so check it out!

Midi Bag-Fabrics N Quilts-003


Barb said...

Love the bag

free indeed said...

Yes, I love that shape too!