Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking forward to winter & hand quilting time

This is the part of any project that I like best.  The planning!  It’s what I love about having the shop.  I get to help plan all kinds of quilts & not actually stitch them all up!  But today’s plan is actually a quilt I have been thinking about for months.

Today I marked all my lines for hand piecing on the awesome blocks I got from Sarah (more here) last April.  I was able to mark a 10” stitch line and will be able to use 30 blocks, so I will end up with a nice size quilt!  I have decided not to add anything to the blocks.  I don’t want to “ruin” the authenticity of the blocks by adding in reproduction fabric for a sashing or border.  I’m going “old school” 


(back of the block)

I also decided to take out the floor quilting frame I scored during the 127 Yard sale & see what parts would need to be replaced for it to be useable.  I really didn’t think it would be 100% when I bought it, but it looks more complete than I had hoped. 


I will need a couple extra bolts & wing nuts to put in the extenders when I want to quilt a larger quilt.  I also think I will replace the rods if I can engineer a fix.  I think the Flynn Frame ends may be my solution here.  I have an extra set … somewhere around here!

So, now I have a winter handwork project at the ready!

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