Friday, December 14, 2012

My newest adventure in quilting

For years I have toyed with the idea of a long arm.  There are so many pro’s and con’s a girl can get lost in trying to weigh the options.

A Facebook acquaintance posted she was going to sell her Tin Lizzie 18.  We chatted back & forth and to keep it short & sweet, it didn’t work out.  I found, however, that I was already mentally invested in it.  So I went on the hunt of a good used machine with a frame that would fit my needs.

I don’t want to enter competitions. I don’t have time to quilt for other folks. 

I like the idea that quilts I make are made entirely by me.  Outsourcing my quilting had definite advantages, but I never felt like I could say, “I made that quilt,” without some kind of disclaimer. 

I did want a system I could upgrade if any of the above “don’t” ever changed.

Blogging bud, Bea of, turned me onto the Hinterberg frames & Voyager machines.  I looked around & investigated and decided this would fit my needs…and my budget.  Hinterberg sold out to Nolting & I loved the idea that my machine supported a USA made company & line of products.

I ordered the machine for me to assemble & set up on my own.  Before you gasp, know that when I called APQS, they suggested the same scenario for their machine if I wanted to be a dealer.  There were definite pains to that process, but I believe I know my set-up so much better by having gone through the frame construction & machine installation on my own.

So, I am 1 quilt in, or rather out.   Simple free-hand loopy quilting, a design I am already comfortable with from my free motion quilting.  I think the same challenge for me, as with free motion quilting will be choosing designs.

Jelly Roll Race

I have another loaded (disappearing 4 patch using Enchanted Garden Charms), and I am ready to blaze a new path to a world of no quilt tops.  Hope you are ready to join me on the ride!

OMG Its for REAL

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

As I sit taking a break from wrestling a quilt thru my home machine - I am jealous! I have been shopping around too and really ready for this next step. Have fun with your new toy!

beaquilter said...
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Sara said...

Have fun "blazing!!"

AND have a Merry Christmas!!

Brita said...

Yay, Shannon! You go!!! You'll have an advantage, having quilted on your DSM. But it's also a disadvantage in that you move the machine not the quilt now. The hand motion will feel familiar, however. Just go and have fun. Keep us posted.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I have that same set up, seen great reviews on it and found it a price I couldn't pass up. I don't have to clear off two entire tables now to get a quilt quilted, just have to clear off one, to bind it is all. 2013 is my year to get the HUGE pile of quilt tops all quilted, I got me an entire roll of batting for Christmas, what else comes in a box that size from JoAnn'!!!! Let's get these quilts used, finally!

Jennifer Gail said...

See ya tomorrow. Have fun playing:)

Connie said...

Congrats and have fun! I agree with you that I want to do my own stitching and quilting to....make it mine, enjoy!!

Janet said...

I want to do it all on my quilts. I've been looking and thinking too. I'm interested and I'll be back to check on you.

harleywife57 said...

Yippee for you !!!! WOOHOO !!! ( now I must twist your arm to do some quilting for me :D ) .

harleywife57 said...

oh ! WHOOP WHOOP !!!!! ! Your quilts look LOVELY!!!! jelly roll 1600 ???or whatever it's called ??

LynCC said...

Woohoo!! I'm excited for you. :) I'm patiently waiting for the day when I can get a longarm. It's slooowly getting closer. Gotta wait until late 2014, when we only have 1 kiddo in college instead of 2 plus me part-time. How fun for you to be able to go through your flimsy pile now!! :D

Annemart Berendse said...

Great, your own long arm! Are you going professional or what!

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, hooray for you, Shannon!!! You're going to love long-arming - I know I'm really enjoying my Jolene!! What are you going to name her?

Whoop whoop!!