Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My yo-yo quilt makes a big step forward

I’m quite the yo-yo making addict.  The Clover makers just make them so easy & mindless, that I get lost in making them.  That said, I get on kicks…make them like a maniac for a few weeks & then don’t touch them for months. 

I have been working on making about 900 since summer of 2011 when I saw this quilt in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine (June 2011 if you want to hunt down a copy).  Their pattern was for a lap size, but over-achiever that I am, I wanted a queen.

yo-yo quilt in progress

(this is about 600 yo-yo’s)

yoyo 800

Now I am up to 850 or so, so I think it’s time to start the applique!

yo-yo with backing

I am using this black tonal paisley in 108” width for the backdrop, so I won’t have to piece my strips.

yoyo with backing

It will be another 2 years before I have this applique done, I am certain, BUT I am entertaining the idea that I will be finished in time to display at our October guild show.  (it’s a pipe dream, but hey, you gotta have goals, right?)


Terri said...

Love the pop of color - the same yoyos on white would just not be as exciting. The black is it, and being a print, it's even better! Good choice.

Terri said...

I saw a yoyo quilt on an old tv show that didn't last long on the air. It was about a witch and her new hubby, and I only watched once or twice, so I don't remember the name of it. The yoyo quilt was 4 small yoyos on a square of green - different greens. Quite beautiful.

bairdmtn said...

My Mama made me a vest out of yo-yos when I was a freshman in high school to wear to a Three Dog Night concert! I was soooooo cool! Still have the vest! No, it won't fit, but I am working on that!! This vest is almost 44 years old now and still beautiful! I cut the circles and she sewed them. I cut pieces of black fabric to put inside the circles. Used red floral, green floral and blue floral fabric-same fabric in different colors and had a pattern from Family Circle! I still have the pattern, too!!

Simply Scaife Family said...

My mother-in-law has a yo-yo quilt..hand made by her aunt..twin bed size. I admire your perseverance and encourage you to keep it going. This looks like it will be a beautiful quilt.

Jennifer Gail said...

It's all your fault that I love yo yo's. Keep warm